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Destiny 2: How to Get the Legend of Acrius Exotic Shotgun


Destiny 2: How to Get the Legend of Acrius Exotic Shotgun

How to Get the Legend of Acrius Exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2

The Legend of Acrius is a powerful exotic shotgun that you may have noticed hasn’t been seen in Destiny 2 just yet. This is because nobody has gotten it to drop. Many believe that it’s because it’s actually the exotic raid weapon, which can only be obtained by completing the World Eater quest that kicks off with On the Comms.

According to the perks, the Legend of Acrius is definitely going to be a weapon that you want in your hands as it can over-penetrate enemies, and has a long range for a shotgun (and that means this will decimate foes in the Crucible). Check out the perks for the weapon below:

  • Shock Blast – Fires high-damage Arc energy that over penetrates enemies.
  • Full Bore – Increased range at expense of stability ability and handling speed.
  • Accurized Rounds – Increases range.
  • Long March – Radar detects enemies from farther away when weapon is equipped.
  • Fitted Stock – Higher stability, lower handling speed.

Now that the Leviathan raid is live, the Await the World Eater Step becomes Destroyer of Worlds which simply requires that you complete the raid.

The next step is called End the Arms Dealer, which requires you to do a special version of the Arms Dealer Strike which is almost like a Prestige Nightfall version. You’ll start with only seven minutes and will have to destroy random anomalies that appear on the map to gain back time (30 seconds for each). Complete this strike to get the weapon (though not in its complete form) and a new step to the quest.

Back to the Bazaar is the next step in the quest to acquire the Legend of Acrius. Speak to Benedict 99-40 and obtain the Cabal Killer step which has a few objectives.

  • Kill 25 Cabal
  • Kill 15 Cabal at Close Range
  • Get 10 multi-kills on Cabal with the Legend of Acrius. Since the weapon only carries one slug in the magazine, you’ll have to work at grouping them up.

That last part is particularly challenging, but if you have someone helping you to round up Cabal enemies, you should be fine. When you’re all done, return to Benedict 99-40.

The next step is His Highness’s Seal. You must eliminate bosses and complete the Leviathan raid to earn 100 Emperor Seals.

In the meantime, if you need help with any other part of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our wiki.

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