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Destiny 2 World Eater Raid Exotic Quest: Everything We Know so Far


Destiny 2 World Eater Raid Exotic Quest: Everything We Know so Far

World Eater Raid Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

There are a lot of quests in Destiny 2, some of which don’t become available until the end of the game. While most are tied to events you have available, there is one that is a true end game mission (World Eater) that, if Destiny 1 is anything to go by, will lead to the raid exotic.

After completing the story and dealing with your exploration on the EDZ (Flashpoint and other Vanguard objectives), you will randomly receive a mission to explore Nessus. After taking care of that, you will get a new quest that asks you to await the World Eater with no other information. There are no waypoints, no Milestone clues, no witty quips from Cayde-6, just the ominous words.

All signs are pointing to this being tied to the upcoming Leviathan raid. From shown concept art, it appears to be a large living city that apparently devours worlds (how lovely). We don’t know what the raid will entail, as Bungie is eschewing their usual raid teaser for Destiny 2. So once you get the World Eater quest, it’s time to sit back and wait for Sept. 13 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET. That’s when the Leviathan raid goes live and you’ll be able to see what’s what.

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