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Destiny 2: What On the Comms Is


Destiny 2: What On the Comms Is

Await the World-Eater.

On the Comms in Destiny 2

On the Comms is a random drop in Destiny 2, and it does not seem to be tied to any specific mission or quest. It can only be obtained after you’ve hit level 20 and finished the story campaign. When you obtain the item, you’ll notice that it occupies an inventory slot in your Power Weapons. Examine it further, and you’ll be asked to defeat the Red Legion Cabal on Nessus and obtain their comm devices.

Head over to Nessus, and fast travel to the Cistern area where you’ll encounter a large number of Cabal. Simply defeat them until you’ve fulfilled the objective for the On the Comms item, and you’ll get a new notification. This time, an item called Await the World-Eater will show up in your inventory instead. However, at this point, no one seems to know how to solve this strange puzzle. It’s very likely that On the Comms is the start of a quest for a new exotic weapon that no one’s seen yet, or it could also possibly be tied to a raid exotic as well. The Leviathan raid will be going live next week, and we’ll keep you updated as more info comes our way.

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