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Destiny 2: How to Get and Complete Flashpoints


Destiny 2: How to Get and Complete Flashpoints

How to Get and Complete Flashpoints in Destiny 2

Flashpoints are a new world activity in Destiny 2 that are essentially just really big bounties that net the player a reward called Powerful Gear (the icon is a legendary engram with a pink center). They become available after completing the mission Payback (which unlocks a few more NPCs for the social space that we won’t just spoil for you here).

Flashpoints are a weekly event that takes place on a random planet in the game. Press L2 while in the Director to pull up your Milestones (what Destiny 2 calls its quests) to see what Flashpoint you currently have active is like you can see in the picture below:

Next, head to that planet in question and start doing public events to fill up the meter. You can do standard ones if you want, but Heroic Public Events actually make things go by much faster (four or five Heroics and you’ll be all done). So try to grab some friends and tackle the harder versions instead, just so you can finish up quickly and get back to exploring the various worlds and activities of Destiny 2 freely.

After you’re all charged, you’ll be prompted to return to Destiny 2’s social space and turn it in. Enjoy your rewards and try them out against your enemies. And that’s all you need to know about Flashpoints in the game. Good luck, guardians.

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