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Cuphead: How to Beat Deppi the Clown (Carnival Kerfuffle)


Cuphead: How to Beat Deppi the Clown (Carnival Kerfuffle)

How to Beat Deppi the Clown in Cuphead

Deppi the Clown might be one of the toughest bosses in Cuphead, not because the mechanics surrounding the fight are overly difficult, but because there are a lot of random elements to the fight, particularly in the middle sections. However, he still can be beaten, you’re just going to have to work very hard for it.

There are several phases to go through which all take place on an active rollercoaster track, something that creates a lot of frantic moments as you struggle to keep Cuphead alive.

Single Car and Duck Targets

The first phase has Deppi sitting in a single rollercoaster car trying to run you over while duck targets float overhead. The best approach to this is to use the standard pea shooter and just stand on the opposite side of the screen from the clown. Shoot continuously (jumping every now and then to get the duck above him as well), and when you hear a horn get ready to jump over Deppi as he charges in. Just rinse and repeat until he eventually rams himself off the track.

Balloon Machine

Deppi will now turn into a balloon machine that summons violent balloon dogs. You can destroy these or dodge them (we recommend destroying). Also make sure to constantly shoot up at Deppi’s head, as that’s the only way to move past this phase. Every now and then, a rollercoaster will appear. Jump onto it and dodge any riders while also shooting Deppi and destroying the random dog balloons. Do enough damage and the machine will go crashing down and it’s time for the next phase.

Deppi’s on a Horse

This phase can be the most frustrating depending on what happens. Deppi can appear on one of two horses, a green one or a yellow one. If on the green one, he will throw horseshoes that move up and down the screen but these are relatively easy to dodge. If on the yellow one, he will throw a row of horseshoes in a straight line through the middle of the screen, and then they will appear on the top of the screen. During either of these horse phases, the best place to be is directly under this Cuphead boss as nothing can hit you there and you can just do a ton of damage. If you’re unlucky, though, a rollercoaster will appear and make this part a heck of a lot more difficult. Also, if a rollercoaster happens to show up at the same time that Deppi throws, you’re pretty much screwed. No matter what you do, you will take damage. Just try your best to dodge what you can and do damage to move to the last stage.


The last phase of the Carnival Kefuffle fight in Cuphead is a Carousel. Deppi will turn into a massive ride with moving platforms. You’re going to want to stick to those platforms at all times, as they’re the only “safe” area. Rollercoasters can pop up under you and baseball players will sometimes appear to throw balls at you. They’re pretty easy to dodge. Just dodge them and continue to shoot the center, which is where the boss’ face is. Do enough damage and you’re done.

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