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Cuphead: How to Beat The Root Pack (Botanic Panic)


Cuphead: How to Beat The Root Pack (Botanic Panic)

How to Beat The Root Pack (Botanic Panic) in Cuphead

One of the first challenges you’ll come across in Cuphead is Botanic Panic, and it’s found south of the first bridge you cross after leaving the Elder Kettle. The garden pits players against three bosses. A Potato, an Onion, and a Carrot, and they make up the Root Pack.


The Potato is simple to take on. He’ll stand on one side of the screen, spitting out balls of dirt and pink snakes. You can parry the snakes to charge up your super meter, but keep jumping and just shooting straight ahead until the Potato falls.


The onion will cry non-stop and its tears are deadly. Keep shooting the onion while evading the tears falling from the sky. If you see a pink tear, parry it so that you can use your EX attack to make the fight go quicker. Once onion falls you’re all done.


The carrot requires a bit more finesse to deal with. You have to aim up to shoot it in the face while shooting down or evading the homing carrots it shoots at you. Once the eyes start to glow, get ready to evade. It will shoot out a beam to where you’re standing, but it fires in a straight line so you should be able to get out of harm’s way. Just dodge, and keep shooting until the Carrot falls.

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