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The Sims 4: Best Custom Traits Mods to Add to Your Game


The Sims 4: Best Custom Traits Mods to Add to Your Game

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Skills-Based Custom Traits

Custom Traits Mods For The Sims 4

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Guitar Legend

“The guitar skill comes very easily to a Guitar Legend. They score big in the entertainment industry and also make higher royalty payment for the songs they write! Rock on!”

Special Whims:

  • License a Song
  • Play the Guitar
  • Serenade Someone
  • Jam
  • Enthuse about Solos
  • Mentor Someone on the Guitar

Artistic Prodigy

Here’s what this trait adds:

  • Sims will learn the Painting skill faster, children will learn the Creativity skill faster
  • Sims will be inspired by default
  • Sims will get a lot of whims to paint

Mixology Boss

“These type of sims enjoy making drinks, they gain the mixology skill faster.”

Does exactly what its description says and increases the mixology skill faster than normal.

Green Thumb

“Sims with the green thumb are great gardeners, they’ll easily gain skill in Gardening and Herbalism. Plus, with their knowledge of fruits and vegetables they’ll be better cooks. Their hygiene bar will drop slightly faster than the other Sims as they’re always in the dirt.”

Here’s what the trait adds:

  • Gardening Skill and Herbalism Skill are gained faster
  • Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and Baking are gained slightly faster
  • Hygiene drops slightly faster
  • Sims will have a lot of gardening whims


“These sims are all about creating worlds and stimulating the senses with their words. Authors easily find inspiration in anything and everything. These sims want to write all the the time and often find time to write instead of sleep.”

This mod does exactly as you’d expect from the description, giving sims the innate ability of kicking butt while writing books.

Born Chef

“Sims with this trait are gifted chefs and every meal they make is a work of art. They achieve cooking and baking skills a lot faster than regular sims.”

Like the description implies, cooking savants will be made with this trait.

Tech Genius

“Tech Geniuses love to use computers and technology. They are naturally gifted at technological skills such as programming and rocket science. Give them a computer and/or a rocket ship and they are more than happy. They are suited best for the Astronaut and Tech Guru careers.”

This custom traits mod will let Programming, Rocket Science, Video Gaming, and Logic skills all gain faster than they usually do.


Gamers boost their Programming, Hacking, and Gaming skills, and they have whims to play games, buy new consoles, and such.

Awakened Mind

Sims that have this custom trait will gain all mental-based skills faster. Additionally, they won’t have much need for sleep.

Internet Kid

Here’s what this custom trait brings to the table:

  • Programming and Video Gaming skills will gain faster
  • All skills gain a little faster
  • Friendships will gain faster
  • Fun and hunger decay faster
  • Social and energy decay slower
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