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New Overwatch PTR Patch Adds Junkertown and Tweaks Heroes


New Overwatch PTR Patch Adds Junkertown and Tweaks Heroes

Another payload to deliver.

The Overwatch PTR has just gotten a hefty patch that brings in a few new stuff. With the previous content now on the live servers, Blizzard has added Junkertown on the PTR. This said stage is a payload map and located in the “harsh and unforgiving Australian Outback.” The whole area is a wreck following the omnic crisis, and it’s also home to a band of scavengers known as the Junkers who is led by the Queen. Junkertown has some lore details for both Junkrat and Roadhog, so that’s something to be on the lookout for.

Moving on, there have also been a few new hero updates for both D.Va and Mercy. The two have gotten a slight rework and it seems like Blizzard has already been adjusting their parameters. For D.Va, her Micro Missiles now deal less 25 percent damage. Mercy, on the other hand, no longer gains an increased fire rate or damage boost during her new ultimate ability, Valkyrie. Similarly, her flight speed has been decreased from 11 to 9.

There are also a few other changes in the Overwatch PTR, like with how the skull icons that used to indicate dead teammates are now replaced with their Hero Portrait icons. Those who want to test out the new changes can download the latest PTR patch now. You can read the full Overwatch patch notes here.


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