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An Overwatch Cosplayer Has Already Made a Winged Victory Mercy Costume


An Overwatch Cosplayer Has Already Made a Winged Victory Mercy Costume

Mercy on call.

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that Blizzard’s multiplayer online shooter Overwatch has a massive fan following these days. With the game helping the company reach over 46 million online monthly users across its library of games, there’s definitely no shortage of people unaware of the title’s newest Summer Games seasonal event.

Alongside the return of Lucioball and a few other cosmetic items from last year, this year’s event features new skins for some fan-favorite characters in the title including Widowmaker, Reaper, Junkrat and, of course, Mercy, the latter of which is modeled after the Greek goddess Nike and called “Winged Victory.”

One cosplay couple by the alias of Aicosu, or Sheila and Sylar, decided to go above and beyond the call of fandom and recreated Mercy’s new Summer Games skin in real life as a costume. Needless to say, the final product could definitely be deemed a success.

Found below, the cosplay pays meticulous attention to detail, as Mercy’s headpiece, medallions, shoes and other accessories are almost exact replicas of what players can find in-game. What’s more is that the outfit’s wings actually move, supposedly according to the movements  of the cosplayer herself.

Overwatch Mercy VictoryOverwatch Mercy Victory

Overwatch Mercy Victory

Overwatch has indeed spawned a large cosplay community in itself, with many fans eager to find out what new skins Blizzard has in store in order to discover what new outfit lies in their future. Let’s hope that cosplays like these keep the community alive and well for a long time and that Blizzard keeps its designs fresh and imaginative as long as the game keeps kicking.

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