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No Man’s Sky: Where to Find a Portal and How to Activate it


No Man’s Sky: Where to Find a Portal and How to Activate it


No Man’s Sky’s Atlas Rising update adds fast travel to the game by way of a portal. These mysterious stargate-looking objects allow players to move quickly between planets and systems, which makes locating each other in the new multiplayer feature much easier.

Finding and activating a portal is a quest objective that is part of the No Man’s Sky’s new narrative. After you have started the quest “Alone Amidst the Stars” and spoken to Artemis via the holographic comms tower, you will be prompted to locate a Monolith. At the next Monolith you find, there will now be an option to “locate a portal” in exchange for one Vy’keen Dagger. Once you have selected that option, the Monolith will find the nearest one and provide a waypoint.

Arriving at your destination, approach the portal’s control panel and interact with it. You will then see 16 glyphs that need to be charged in order to get it working. Charging each glyph requires a significant amount of different isotope, oxide, and silicate elements. Make sure you have plenty of Zinc, Heridium, Thamium9, Carbon, and Plutonium.

After you have gathered the necessary resources and charged each of the panel’s glyph, you are then presented with two options; activate the portal, requesting the current planet’s address.

You might consider requesting your planet’s address and recording the glyph sequence in case you want to return here later.

Now, onto activating the portal. Each planet in No Man’s Sky has a 16 character glyph address that must be entered to activate fast travel to its location. You cannot activate the portal until you have found all 16 glyphs required to enter a planet’s location. Finding the glyphs comprises part of the continued narrative of Atlas Rising. Only once you have completed this part of the story in No Man’s Sky will you have access to the glyphs required.

That’s all you need to know about No Man’s Sky’s portals for now. For more on No Man’s Sky, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.


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