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LawBreakers Wiki: Guides, Tips, Tricks, and More


LawBreakers Wiki: Guides, Tips, Tricks, and More

Which side are you on?

LawBreakers is a brand new online multiplayer shooter title, and it’s the first game from Boss Key Productions, headed by Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games and Unreal Tournament fame. The game features several character classes, each of which are equipped with their own unique set of abilities and weapons. Each match in LawBreakers will place you on one of two sides: the Law and the Breakers. Players are then matched up against each other in teams of five, where they’ll compete in various game modes.

The main draw of the game is being able to earn Stash Drops, which reward players with cosmetic items that can be used to customize their favorite characters. At launch, the game features four game modes: Blitzball, Overcharge, Uplink, and Occupy.

Check out our ever-expanding wiki down below as you fight your way through zero-gravity battles.

  • Release Date: August 8
  • Developer: Boss Key Productions
  • Publisher: Nexon
  • Platforms: PC, PS4

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We’ll be adding to this wiki as we uncover more tips and information, so be sure to check back regularly for more updates.

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