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LawBreakers: Beginner Tips for Playing Enforcer


LawBreakers: Beginner Tips for Playing Enforcer

I am the law.

The Enforcer is one of the offensive/support classes in LawBreakers, and could very well be one of the better classes to start with if you’re still new at the game. Here are all of the Enforcer’s weapons and abilities you’ll need to get used to if you want to play this one.

  • Aerator Rifle: Essentially an automatic rifle that does more damage the longer you hold down the trigger. The recoil on the Aerator isn’t very noticeable, making it an easy weapon to handle.
  • Badger Shock Pistol: A sidearm that incapacitates your foes for a short period of time. It’s meant for close range encounters, and can be pretty handy when you don’t have time to take more precise shots.
  • Distortion Field: Activating this ability will increase your movement speed for a short while, but that’s not all. It also increases your firing rate, reload speed, and provides your teammates with the same buffs if they’re in your vicinity.
  • Electromag Charge: An EMP grenade that temporarily disables the special abilities of any enemies who wander into its radius.
  • Bloodhound Rockets: A rocket launcher that can lock on to your enemies and track them down with homing rockets once fired.

Whether you’re attacking or defending an objective in LawBreakers, the Enforcer is always a great class to have on your team. You’ll be able to take out enemies from afar with the Aerator Rifle, and even engage in close range combat with the Shock Pistol. That said, you’ll generally want to avoid tankier enemies like the Juggernaut as they have high damage output and defense, and could annihilate you very quickly. However, you should be able to win fights against squishier classes like the Gunslinger and the Medic.

The Distortion Field comes in particularly handy in modes like Uplink, Blitzball, and Overcharge. These modes require you to retrieve an item from the middle of the map, and run back to either your base or the enemy’s base. Whether you’re acting as the carrier or not, Distortion Field will help to speed up movement for both you and nearby allies, so you’ll always want to activate it when you’re near the carrier. It also makes the Enforcer a great protector against enemies who might be gunning for your allies. One neat thing to note about Distortion Field is that you can toggle it on and off with the L1 button. After activating it, you can press L1 again before your fuel runs out to let it recharge, and you can re-activate it whenever you have fuel in the tank.

Electromag Charge is another handy ability that you should try to use as often as possible. The Charge doesn’t do a lot of damage, but if you can hit an enemy with it, you’ll be able to close the distance quickly with Distortion Field and take them out while their abilities have been disabled.

Lastly, Bloodhound Rockets serves as your ultimate offensive ability, which can be great for keeping enemies away from your base. Once you activate it, the rockets will automatically lock on to enemies on your screen. When you have a target lock, press the button again to send out the rockets. You can also fire the rockets without a target lock, though you’ll find that it’s much harder to hit your foes this way.

Overall, the Enforcer is a very well-rounded class in LawBreakers. He might not be the best damage dealer on the roster, but you’ll be able to harass your enemies, while also providing support to your allies as they try to complete the objectives.

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