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Destiny 2: How to Use Your Shield (Titans)


Destiny 2: How to Use Your Shield (Titans)

How to Use the Titans’ Shield in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has changed things up quite a bit over its predecessors, especially when it comes to the Guardians themselves. Each Guardian has two subclasses with one being a reworked version from the original game and one being something much more new. In the case of the Titans, the Striker saw a return and the Defender has been completely re-imagined as the Sentinel, a shield-toting juggernaut who can defend allies and themselves from harm. You can actually use that shield, too, in a few ways that make it a very useful item.

To use the shield in a traditional sense (blocking), you simply have to hold down L2/R2. It will block damage coming from in front of you, much like the exotic swords did in the first game. You can also use your shield as a thrown weapon. Press L1/LB (which is the grenade button) to toss it like Captain America and watch it ricochet off of enemies. The way to use your shield while playing as a Titan in Destiny 2 is as a melee weapon. It does massive damage (able to one hit kill most enemies, and even quickly whittle down the health of Majors. Just press R2/RT and you’ll swing it like a melee weapon.

Do note that the shield is part of the Sentinel’s super ability. You must activate your super ability and you will only have the shield available for a short time. If you don’t have a super, you’ll need to rely on your maneuvering, cover, and guns to come out on top in Destiny 2.

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