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Prey: Where the Security Station Keycard Is


Prey: Where the Security Station Keycard Is

Where the Security Station Keycard Is in Prey

One of the first large areas you reach in Prey is Talos I’s main lobby. Here, you will be faced by a number of aggressive mimics and, at the far end of the room, you will find some stairs that head down to the Security Station.

The first time you go up to the door, it will be locked and will require a keycard. Thankfully, the keycard you need is not very far away.

Head back to the lobby and to the staircase to your left as you exit the Security Station. Head one floor up and here, just at the top of the stairs, you’ll see an IT room and you’ll need to hack the door open. If this is the first time you have hacked a door, you’ll need the Hacking I neuromod skill. Once inside, you’ll find two Phantoms – they are quite tough but try to take them out. After you have done so, in the smaller room to the right you’ll find the keycard to the security room on the desk. You will now be able to unlock the Security Station door and get the excellent loot inside.

That is how you find the Security Station Keycard and unlock the door. For more on Prey, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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