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Prey: How to Get the Security Booth Code


Prey: How to Get the Security Booth Code

Security Booth Code in Prey

Early on in the game you’ll find yourself in a lobby with a bunch of Mimics, some dead workers, a Goo Gun and a locked Security Booth. Inside the booth is a safe and some other goodies laying around so it’s definitely a large temptation so early on in the Prey festivities. The code to the room is actually in that very room. If you look at the sticky note on the safe, the code will be on it, you’ll just have to get a good angle and zoom in a bit.

If you’re having trouble seeing the Security Booth code, it’s 1129. Now you can enter the space and take a crack at the safe inside. The code for the safe is hidden in a bible on the desk in this booth. It’s 0526. Raid the safe and pick up anything else that you can nab, and continue on your way. Just remember that there’re a bunch of Typhon running around, so be sure to keep on your guard at all times and don’t let them get the drop on you. The Mimics aren’t very strong, but if they surprise you, then they can easily get the upper-hand and kill you.

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