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Prey: How to Get the GLOO Cannon


Prey: How to Get the GLOO Cannon

Have a glue day.

How to Get the GLOO Cannon in Prey

The GLOO Cannon is one of the first weapons you’ll be able to acquire during Prey’s early hours. As soon as you reach the Neuromod Division in the space station, look for Veer Singh’s body in the foyer. The weapon should be lying right next to him.

The GLOO Cannon doesn’t do any damage, but it can be used in a variety of creative ways to help you get around the environment and immobilize your enemies. You can use the Cannon to slow down and immobilize powerful enemies like the Thermal Phantoms, and then follow up with an attack from a more powerful weapon like the Q-Beam or the Shotgun. If you don’t have any lethal weapons on you, you could always slow down enemies with the Cannon before making your escape.

The Cannon can also be used to help you reach higher areas. By firing the GLOO Cannon at specific surface areas, you can climb up the GLOO to reach new places. It can also be used to seal vents, in case you ever find yourself in a situation that requires it.

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