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Prey: Best Security Neuromods to Invest In


Prey: Best Security Neuromods to Invest In

Best Security Neuromods in Prey

You would think that the Security Neuromods tree would be focused on hacking and infiltration, but that’s not exactly the case here. While it does help with sneaking, it’s mostly about toughening you up and letting you do a ton more damage to any enemies silly enough to want to face you. Those who go into Prey with the intentions of being loud and firing guns non-stop will find themselves looking at this tree quite often as they look for Neuromods to invest in. Here are the best Security Neuromods to invest in, in Prey.

Everything Linked to Conditioning – There are eight perks in total here which will cost you 34 points in total, but these are among the most useful Security Neuromods in Prey. They cover mobility (increases your speed and lets you jump really high), stamina, and health. Take more damage, run faster, jump higher, and do it all for longer thanks to Conditioning.

Stealth I – A great entry point to sneaking that doesn’t ask for too much of an investment. If you’re not trying to be Sam Fisher but just want to sneak a little this is only going to run you two points. You can go for Stealth II if you want to be silent while walking upright.

Sneak Attack I – While the rest of the stealth skills may not appeal to players who don’t care about being spotted, the first Sneak Attack is definitely worth its four point cost. It doubles the damage you do to enemies that are unaware of your presence, allowing you to quickly take care of annoying Typhon.

Firearms I – Not everyone will be super into using guns, and we get that. However, a boost across the board for all playstyles is definitely useful. It raises damage to 120% while also increasing your critical hit chance. If you’re really into guns, you can invest the extra six points to get the second upgrade.

For more on Prey, be sure to check out our wiki.

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