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Injustice 2: How to Join a Guild


Injustice 2: How to Join a Guild

How to Join a Guild in Injustice 2

While Injustice 2 still feels the same as the original in many ways, the new title does boast some pretty exciting new features. Among these new features is a new guild system that capitalizes on the concept of alliances that strings Injustice 2’s story together. Injustice 2 players will be able to join guilds and form teams that have up to 50 members. Once you’re a part of a guild, your team will work together to complete a host of different challenges in hopes to earn a spot at the top of the leaderboards.

So how exactly do you join a guild? The good news is that deciding on which guild you want to join will likely be much a much more difficult task than actually joining one once your mind is made up. First, you will have to reach level five on your profile. This is an extremely easy task to accomplish and if you prefer to play through the game’s story before diving into the rest of the game, you’ll be all set by the time you get around to joining a guild.

Once you’re at level five, make your way to the guild menu and select the join option on whichever guild it is you want to become a part of. If the guild is marked as “open” you will need to be accepted into the guild by the creator. If the guild is marked as “free” just selecting to join the guild will automatically make you a new team member. Just a heads-up, the game also allows for private guilds to be created and, as most gamers would expect, these guilds require an invitation in order for you to join.

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