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Persona 5: Troublesome Housemaid Guide


Persona 5: Troublesome Housemaid Guide

The Troublesome Housemaid in Persona 5

There are a lot of interesting characters in Persona 5, but not many are as interesting as your teacher, Sadayo Kawakami. While she is very uneasy about you at first, she starts to warm up to you and your efforts. Things come to a head when Mishima and Ryuji decide to check out a maid service that offers anything you want. Joker, that’s you, will make the call for a maid, then Ryuji and Mishima will get cold feet and leave. When the maid comes in, it turns out to be Sadayo, ready to please.

After you each realize who the other is, she asks you to keep this under wraps. Talk to her at school the next day near the faculty office (it’s in the hall near your classroom) to save her from another teacher who is oddly suspicious. This will make Sadayo, the troublesome housemaid that she is, offer her services to you. You’ll need to rank up your Guts a bit before you can use them, but you her abilities allow for multitasking which is a definite boon in Persona 5. Play your cards right and you can even romance her.

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