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Persona 5: How to Get Pyro Jack


Persona 5: How to Get Pyro Jack

How to Get Pyro Jack in Persona 5

Pyro Jack is one of the recurring Personas in the Persona series. This fiery little demon has appeared in every game, so of course fans would love to get a hold of it in the recently released Persona 5. Thankfully it’s not too difficult, you just need to realize that it’s present under a different name: Jack-o’-Lantern.

You can encounter this little fella as early as the first Palace, though it isn’t incredibly common. I saw it on the higher floors, near the end, but even then the appearance was few and far in between. You can also encounter them in Mementos while exploring. When you do come across one, knock it down using its weakness, Ice. When it’s down, you’ll now have to negotiate.

Select “Lend me your power” to start the conversation that will lead the Jack-o’-Lantern to start chatting with you. It speaks very crazily sometimes but you essentially need to go with answers it agrees with. Asking to be an apprentice is one answer that definitely works, but also denying any offers it may make to you. You may need a few tries, but you’ll eventually nab yourself a Jack-o’-Lantern and can always continue to refer to it as Pyro Jack if you really want to.

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