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Slime Rancher: How to Open Treasure Pods


Slime Rancher: How to Open Treasure Pods

How to Open Treasure Pods in Slime Rancher

Players exploring in Slime Rancher have taken notice of some weirdly colored pods hidden throughout the game. These Treasure Pods will not open if the player just tries to open it without the Treasure Cracker upgrades. There are three different sets of colored pods, and every pod requires a different upgrade.

With the first upgrade, players will be able to unlock the green Treasure Pods throughout Slime Rancher. Once the upgrade is done, players will just have to walk up to them and press E. These pods will have decoration or Slime Science resources, which can come in handy down the road. The next set of Treasure Pods you’ll see are the blue pods, which require the advanced Treasure Cracker upgrade. This set of pods will usually contain blueprints for stuff such as the Violet Teleporter.

The hardest set of pods to find in Slime Rancher are the black colored ones, which will require the most advanced Treasure Cracker upgrade. While the pods are harder to find, it will be worth it since they contain blueprints for other teleporters and for other items such as Depots.

With there being more green Treasure Pods than any other type in Slime Rancher, you may just want to get the first upgrade and make do with that for a while. Those who desperately want to start opening black Treasure Pods will have their work cut out for them as it takes a while (and a lot of extractor cycles) before you can make it happen.

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