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NieR Automata: How to Self-Destruct


NieR Automata: How to Self-Destruct

Only as a last resort.

How to Self-Destruct – NieR: Automata

In NieR: Automata, you can have your controlled androids activate a self-destruct sequence to create an explosion and blow up anything that’s near them. However, self-destructing will also cause your health to fall to critical levels, and you won’t be able to move quickly or attack for a few seconds until you recover. If you don’t have any chips that help with health regen, you’ll need to make sure to consume recovery items as well to bring your HP back up.

To self-destruct, simply press and hold the L3 and R3 buttons for two seconds. Do note that you can still be attacked by enemies during the activation sequence, so you’ll want to be careful with when you use this tactic. Also, only 2B and 9S have the ability to self-destruct, and A2 isn’t capable of doing this. If you hold L3 and R3 with A2, she’ll activate a Berserker mode instead, which allows her to move faster and deal more damage as her health drains slowly to critical levels.

Lastly, without spoiling too much, self-destructing in certain areas might lead you to a bad ending. Just a heads up.

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