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Mass Effect Andromeda: Secret Project Side Quest Guide


Mass Effect Andromeda: Secret Project Side Quest Guide

Time to uncover some secrets.

Secret Project in Mass Effect Andromeda

Upon arriving at Eos in Mass Effect Andromeda, you can head northwest of your starting position to reach Site 2: Resilience, and this is where you’ll unlock the Secret Project side quest. Follow the waypoint and use your scanner to find out what the residents have been up to, and you’ll soon be overwhelmed by waves of Kett enemies and a large fiend.

The fiend, in particular, has a lot of health and can be difficult to deal with, Use your abilities on it as much as possible, and make sure not to get surrounded. I advise camping in one of the rooms around the site so that you can’t be flanked. After dispatching the enemies, you’ll then have to scout Eos for three different components. All of these will be marked on your map, so just head to the specified locations and pick up the components. After that, go back to Site 2 and interact with the scanning device. This will mark the end of the Secret Project side quest, and you’ll be rewarded with AVP, experience points, and research data. Not a bad haul at all.

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