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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance Peebee


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance Peebee

How to Romance Peebee in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Peebee is the new Asari companion you get to recruit in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Unlike the other members of her race that you’ll meet throughout your journey, she’s very outgoing and full of curiosity and excitement. She’s always looking for the next “new” thing, in love with technology and knowledge, and up for an adventure at every time. Even if that adventure is fooling around with a Pathfinder.

Romancing Peebee isn’t too difficult, though it does take time. She loves to flirt, so you won’t ever be turned away for that. However, you need to do a bit more than just flirt, you have to listen. Her personal quest revolves around a secret project involving Remnant Technology (Rem-tech). You don’t need to complete this full quest line, but you do need to get as far as to unlock the construct Peebee develops for you. This is when you’ll start finding out more personal things about her.

It all really starts to come to a head when you head to Aya and are finally able to fully walk around the planet. Locate Peebee in the museum where you’ll find her drunk. She’ll share her concerns there and start to really take a serious liking to you. Head back to the Tempest and she’ll finally start sharing her real fears and discuss why she’s always on edge. This should play out as a cutscene at first, letting you know it’s the right time.

After letting her know that it’s okay (you need to be understanding here which is the option to the right) you can ask Peebee what she normally does to relax. This leads to the Zero-G room. She’ll ask you to join, you should definitely accept. While bumping around in there it’s time.

Peebee asks if you want to fool around but there’s a caveat. There can be no strings attached. If you agree, you’ll make love in Zero-G, bumping into walls. From that point on you can usually meet her in the Escape Pod room (her personal room) and flirt to fool around again. She’s also open to you romancing others, so you can go for a second option if you wish.

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