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Mass Effect Andromeda Remove the Heart Quest Guide


Mass Effect Andromeda Remove the Heart Quest Guide

Remove the Heart Quest Guide – Mass Effect: Andromeda

As you reach the Voeld planet in Mass Effect Andromeda, you’ll find yourself taking on a mission against its massive Kett Base — the Remove the Heart quest. This will include a number of objectives, but to kick things off, make sure that when begin the mission, you complete the optional objective of observing its shield. You’ll find this marked on your map, and it should only take a few seconds.

Once that’s done, make your way to the base and clear it of enemies. You’ll then want to disable the shields, moving through the cold environment by moving from lamp to lamp for warmth. Kett Chosen, Anointed, and even Destined will stand in your way, but eventually you’ll be ready to disable the generators.

In the next phase, you’ll have to take out waves of enemies, and after you can head to the core of the base. Then, your objectives will lead you to the hangar bay, where you must hack terminals around the room, and then hack the terminal next to each hangar in order to destroy the platforms.

After the last hack, a Prefect will appear, and once you defeat it, you can take the elevator to the Zenith room. Disable the outpost and then return to Buxil in the area where you disabled the generators. Once there, you’ll have completed the Remove the Heart Quest.

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