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Get Hyped With Every Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer We’ve Seen So Far


Get Hyped With Every Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer We’ve Seen So Far

A new spacefaring adventure awaits.

After five years of waiting for a new title, fans almost have the next chapter in BioWare’s sci-fi epic, Mass Effect: Andromeda. The title is a brand new entry separated from the previous trilogy, and tells the story of humanity seeking out a new home in the Andromeda galaxy. You play as Ryder, a Pathfinder for the Andromeda Initiative, and one of the select few chosen to find habitable new planets for the human race. With a game like Mass Effect there’s a lot to take in, including new gameplay systems, alien races, and party members. Luckily, we’ve prepared every trailer released for the game so far. Just make sure you’re going in with a bit of time on your hands.

The trailers below (33 in total) cover a wide array of topics on the game including the basic setup for Andromeda, new party members, options in combat like the jetpack, and even quite a bit of gameplay. The trailers first started at E3 2015, when EA unveiled the very first announcement trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the frequency with which we got footage was really bumped up in the last few months.

For more on Mass Effect, here are 5 reasons to get excited for the new title. Also take a look at the role the Krogan Genophage will play in the new entry, and our preview of Andromeda’s multiplayer from PAX East.

Story Trailers

Mass Effect has always been a story-heavy series, and Andromeda is going to be no different. We know the basic setup for the game, with humanity waking up onboard the Ark in the the Andromeda Galaxy, and searching for new life. However, we don’t really have any idea where the story is going, or what kind of threats/revelations Ryder and his crew will face. Still, Andromeda’s story trailers do a great job of setting the tone and getting you invested in the Mass Effect universe once again.

Character Trailers

The heart of Mass Effect is made up of the characters you meet and the party you form along the way, and Andromeda has a charming new cast for us to get to know. BioWare has shared quite a few videos either introducing a new character, or showing off a bit of someone’s loyalty mission, a feature returning from Mass Effect 2. With eccentric new characters like Peebee, or the Tempest pilot Jarun Tann, it looks like the new title has plenty of charm to go around. There’s even a few new races to encounter, like the stoic Angara. Of course, just like Shepard you’ve also got two voice actors for Ryder, this time assuming the role of brother and sister.

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