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Nioh: How to Get Titles and What They Do


Nioh: How to Get Titles and What They Do

Titles – Nioh

Titles are like badges of honor you can earn in Nioh, but they also have a bit more utility than they do in most games. Unlocking Titles will earn the player Reputation Points. Gain enough Reputation Points and you’ll earn Prestige Points which can be used to unlock valuable buffs that make you an even deadlier force to be reckoned with in Nioh.

In order to unlock these, you’ll have to complete specific tasks related to gameplay. There are two lists of tasks (Agyo and Ungyo) that you can view from the menu. They include things like killing a specific amount of enemies, using certain weapons, and other objectives of that nature. As you knock them off, you’ll gain the Titles associated with them, simple as that.

Naturally, it will take quite a bit of legwork before you can unlock the more challenging Titles, but you should be fine with a bit of time and patience. Before you know it, you’ll be the strongest thing with a sword in all of Nioh and enemies will cower in your presence… well, they’ll never cower, but at least you can kill them a bit more easily no.

For more on Nioh, make sure to check out our wiki which is full of guides, tips, tricks, and more information.

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