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Nioh: How to Summon Co-op Partners


Nioh: How to Summon Co-op Partners

Everyone needs help sometimes.

How to Summon Co-op Partners – Nioh

If you’ve run into a roadblock in Nioh, or if you’ve encountered a boss that you just can’t seem to defeat on your own, you could always call for help online. Nioh allows players to summon players while online, and these visitors will be able to join your game during that level and even help you defeat the main boss. Before you can start summoning, however, first you’ll need an item called an Ochoko. Once you have one, go to a shrine and select the option to summon a visitor.

After that, the game will start searching for other players to come help you out. If the summoning fails, you will not lose your Ochoko. However, if you or your ally die, you’ll have to use another Ochoko to summon a visitor again. Once the summoning is successful, players can interact with each other using emotes. You’ll also be able to trade equipment with each other if you wish to do so. Do note that the summoning process can take a while to complete, so feel free to continue playing and exploring once you’ve used the Ochoko. Nioh will notify you once a player has arrived.

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