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Nioh Prestige Points: What They Are and How to Use Them


Nioh Prestige Points: What They Are and How to Use Them

Super prestigious.

Prestige Points – Nioh

As you’re journeying through feudal Japan in Nioh, you’ll occasionally receive a pop-up message informing you that your reputation level has increased, and that you’ve gained Prestige points. What this means is that you can now opt for a special Prestige perk that will make your adventure a little easier and more manageable.

First off, you gain Prestige points by increasing your reputation level. In turn, your reputation level goes up with the more titles you acquire in the game. Titles can be viewed from the game’s Titles menu, which shows the in-game requirements for unlocking each one, as well as your progress towards a title. In the same menu, you can go to a Prestige tab which shows a list of perks and bonuses you can unlock by spending points. For instance, there are bonuses that will increase your defense or Amrita earned by a very small percentage. After choosing a perk, it’ll vanish from the list and a new one will take its place. Needless to say, the more points you have, the more bonuses you’ll be able to purchase.

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