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Nioh: Is There New Game Plus?


Nioh: Is There New Game Plus?

Is there New Game Plus? – Nioh

Nioh isn’t exactly a game you breeze through. One of the most challenging releases of this year, it boasts some brutal bosses and dozens of hours of play. Nioh’s director even claims the title should take on average 70 hours to beat, though that number can skyrocket depending on your skill level. If you do manage to beat Nioh, though, and want to do it all again, you may be wondering if there’s a New Game Plus mode.

As of now, there isn’t a standard New Game Plus mode. Instead, after beating the game, players unlock the more challenging Way of the Strong difficulty for completed areas. Along with this are Twilight Missions, rotating missions that offer a chance to play a more difficult version of an already complete stage. Both of these options will amp up the enemy difficulty, offer better gear, and even change the enemy configurations of some locations. Way of the Strong mode even makes available the Divine Items rarity level of equipment.

As for a more traditional New Game Plus mode, director Fumihiko Yasuda recently had this to say:

“As for NG+, where you can replay the campaign with stronger enemies that drop better loot, we are still considering all possibilities. We really want to make it a game with replay-ability after the main campaign is finished so we are working on that along with developing online play.”

That’s all there is to know about Nioh’s New Game Plus options for now. We’ll update you with any additional details should they arise.


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