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Nioh: How to Get Ochoko Cups


Nioh: How to Get Ochoko Cups

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How to Get More Ochoko Cups – Nioh

Ochoko cups are pretty rare items that allow players to summon visitors in Nioh. If you’re having trouble clearing a mission or beating a boss, it can be a good idea to use of these items to summon a player online. However, Ochoko cups aren’t often found as enemy drops. That said, there are a couple of ways to farm and acquire them in the game.

First off, Ochoko cups can be offered as rewards for some missions. When you look at the summary for a main mission or sub-mission, you can view the rewards list, which indicates what you’ll get for beating the mission. Some sub-missions will offer Ochoko cups as a reward. You’ll also find them on the ground on occasion during certain missions.

If you want to farm them, however, your best bet would be to keep fighting Revenants. Whenever you come across a grave site in the game, summon the Revenant and defeat them for a chance to obtain a cup. The drop rate isn’t very high, but it is the best way to farm cups in the game so far.

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