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Nioh: How to Use and Assign Emotes


Nioh: How to Use and Assign Emotes

Emotes – Nioh

One of the many familiar features that were borrowed from the Dark Souls formula is the ability to perform quirky, often amusing emotes at any time. This is available in Nioh from the start as players will have access to 18 different gestures right from the start of the game. These emotes range anywhere from pointing in simple directions, to bowing, to just collapsing with disappointment that you lost. They’re meant to be silly and compliment the rather bombastic story nicely, especially after you slay a mighty boss. While there are a lot of emotes in Nioh, you are only allowed to have 9 available at any point.

In order to bring up the emote tab, press the Options button which will show a small colorful box with various gestures available to use. In order to use them in Nioh simply press X and William will perform the move right away. Remember that the world is not paused when you bring up this tab, so make sure to do this after you kill all the enemies. If you want to switch emotes press Triangle to pull up an alternate menu on the left which contains 9 other gestures.

You will then use the D-Pad to navigate the emotes, with Square being used to select which ones you want to take out of your main 9 gestures. After you’re done back out with Circle and you can now go slay monsters in style.

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