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Nioh Fifth Boss Guide: How to Beat Tachibana Muneshige


Nioh Fifth Boss Guide: How to Beat Tachibana Muneshige

Tachibana Muneshige – Nioh

Tachibana Muneshige is already the stuff of legends when it comes to difficulty in Nioh, as this boss made a name for himself during the Nioh beta a few weeks back. While Nue was a troublesome enough boss, Tachibana Muneshige will put your dueling skills to the test. This battle is more like a duel against a highly skilled Revenant than any of the monstrous demons you’ve faced so far. His attacks are quick and based around elaborate combos that he releases via his single katana weapon. This foe is also able to summon a Guardian Spirit that will unleash powerful lightning attacks which can stun you if you’re hit head on.

There is no preferred weapon for this fight, however, if you’ve invested in either the parry abilities or guard break, then you’ll have an easier time. When the battle starts, try to wait for openings in his attacks, Tachibana Muneshige has a habit of sheathing his sword and then launching himself forward to strike. This is easily telegraphed and the best way to avoid it is rolling underneath him. You’ll have a brief opening after this so get a hit or two in then back up.

Typically Tachibana Muneshige will go on the defensive after you get a few hits in, which means you either need to launch an all-out assault or keep your distance until he opens up for another strike. We don’t recommend the former as you will more than likely run out of stamina before he does, which means game over in Nioh. If you do decide to wait, be alert as he can fire a crossbow that will split a single shot into three. You can dodge this pretty easily by ducking behind one of the two pillars, but don’t fret if you’re hit as this attack doesn’t do a ton of damage. The move you do want to watch out for is when Tachibana Muneshige attempts to buff his weapon via a magic spell. He will begin to form a circle with his weapon and hands, so when you see him doing this strike quickly. Any damage will interrupt the spell and it’s the best way to get some free hits on him.

However, if Tachibana Muneshige does manage to buff his weapon he will either perform a leap attack, his dash strike, or a massive combo of hits that will instantly kill you. For all of these, use the pillars to your advantage and try to bait him into attacking them instead of you. This will allow you to wear out his spell and get some distance between each other when fighting. Using your environment is key in Nioh, so this boss fight is no different. Keep kiting him around the pillars and strike when you have an opening or parry his attacks if you’re feeling confident in your timing.

The reason you will want guard break for this battle is due to Tachibana Muneshige usually trying to block all of your attacks when Living Weapon is activated. Try to either catch him with this when he is buffing his weapon or when you can force him into a corner. Unleash as many quick striking moves as possible before bailing, as Tachibana Muneshige can sometimes instantly kill you.

Once he drops below 50% health, he will summon his Guardian Spirit Raiken from time to time. This little dog is super charged with electricity and will zip across the battlefield in hopes of hitting you. While Raiken doesn’t last long, you will want to stop attacking and simply play defensively until the spirit goes away. There’s no limit to how many times Tachibana Muneshige can summon Raiken, so always be alert when this little fella comes out to play.

Yet, with smart Ki management and making use of the terrain, you’ll be able to fell this noble warrior in Nioh. Just make sure to be patient and wait for openings after his combos, as Tachibana Muneshige doesn’t have the fastest recovery time. If you are finding this boss battle too difficult, try and practice against various Revenant’s as they’re the closest thing to a proper sword duel in Nioh.

For more tricks, guides, and walkthroughs make sure to check out our ever-expanding Nioh wiki.

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