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Nioh Combat Tips: How to Fight Like a True Samurai


Nioh Combat Tips: How to Fight Like a True Samurai

Choose Your Starting Weapons Wisely

After the prologue/tutorial that sees you escaping the Tower of London, you’ll be able to choose your preferred equipment before jumping into the actual meat of Nioh. Part of this process is choosing your two preferred melee weapon types. You have five options that each focus on a specific stat:

  • Sword – Heart
  • Dual Swords – Skill
  • Spear – Body
  • Axe – Stamina
  • Kusarigama – Dexterity

This process replaces the “class” option you see in most games, as the two you choose will determine your starting stats. While you’ll be able to find and utilize all five types in the game, these options will make it so the first few weapons you come across match your selection.

Each one has a different playstyle, so you will want the one that fits you most. If you’re not worried about defense and prefer maneuverability, go with the Dual Swords or Kusarigama. Want power in exchange for speed? Axe is your buddy. Also, make an effort to give yourself two different types. Powerful and quick.

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