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Nioh Third Boss Guide: How to Beat Hino-Enma


Nioh Third Boss Guide: How to Beat Hino-Enma

How to Beat Hino-Enma – Nioh Third Boss Guide

While you may have faced two Nioh bosses before this fight, rest assured the real battle starts here. Hino-Enma is an incredibly challenging opponent that will have you constantly besieged by both her ranged and close quarters attacks. Before we dive into the fight itself, it’s important to understand the variety of moves that she has at her disposal. Her standard attack consists of either a two or three spinning kick strike that has a small radius and will end with Hino-Enma standing upright. You’ll typically see this move throughout the entirety of the fight and it is by far one of the most exploitable. Hino-Enma’s other two main attacks consist of her using a large umbrella as a weapon, which will consist once more of a few spin attacks. This one has a fairly easy tell, as she will reach behind her just before performing this move.

She will also perform a rapid spin towards the player and will have a wide radius of damage. If she strikes you multiple times, it’s possible for her to induce a paralyzing effect, which pretty much means game over in Nioh. This is also her only way of forming Yokai Realms, however, she will perform this move a lot during the fight. During this move, make sure to keep side stepping behind you until she stops, as there will be a brief window open allowing players to get 1 or 2 hits in.

Hino-Enma also has a few ranged and flying attacks, with the most notable being a purple shockwave that can outright stun the player if they’re hit. It has a rather large radius, so make sure to listen as the demoness will grunt right before she’s about to fire. It will always fire straight at you, so roll to either your right or left. She can also glide across the ground, which is a usual follow up after the shockwave, and can instantly kill you if you’re hit by her stun. When Hino-Enma charges you, just roll underneath her right before she’s about to hit, as it will give you some distance and ensure you’re not hit by that large wingspan. Eventually, she will take to the air and either send out more shock waves or throw sets of daggers at you. These are fairly easy to dodge as long as you’re watching Hino-Enma’s movements. Finally, Hino-Enma will attempt to grab you and suck the life from your body, regardless of whether you’re paralyzed or not. However, as long as you don’t remain close to her, this move leaves a huge opening and is your best shot at landing some Living Weapon special moves.

Once the battle actually begins, Hino-Enma will always glide towards you, so make sure to roll forward. From here, you will want to play defensively for the majority of the fight. Do not get overly aggressive with her ever, as she can easily stun lock you into a combo and send you to that lovely Nioh game over screen. This fight is about all about patience, as you’ll want to simply hit her once or twice after each move before rolling away. There’s not a lot of time for flashy combos here, so take your time with this fight and if you’re not 100% confident in your attack don’t move in to strike.

For this fight, we used a Kusarigama in the Mid stance since that allowed us enough range to maneuver if she made a quick retaliation. For all you Nioh Spear users out there, congratulations you officially have the best advantage in this fight as you can just poke Hino-Enma from a safe distance. For Sword/Axe wielders you’ll need to be extra careful and should limit your strike to just one at a time. After Hino-Enma reaches 75% health she will fly into the air and begin a ranged barrage which can be easily dodged. There isn’t a lot of time between attacks so unless you’re very fast with the rifle don’t bother going for a shot. Wait till Hino-Enma swoops down and resume your fight as normal, otherwise, you’ll end up getting paralyzed and killed.

Also, Hino-Enma will occasionally form Yokai Realms via her spin attack, however, unless you have time don’t try and cleanse these. It’s just a distraction that will end up getting you killed during this fight. Never take your eyes off Hino-Enma as she is very fast and can close the distance for a kill quickly. Try only using your Living Weapon move after she’s failed to grab you, as this will give you the biggest window to instill some serious damage onto this demoness. Hino-Enma is a tough boss, however, if you are patient this fight will be all yours. Just make sure to not be the aggressor and let Hino-Enma come to you during this fight. Trust us, it will make your life that much easier.

Now that you know how to beat Hino-Enma, Nioh’s third boss. Be sure to visit our growing wiki for more tips, tricks, and guides.

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