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Horizon Zero Dawn: What the Max Level Cap Is


Horizon Zero Dawn: What the Max Level Cap Is

As you progress through Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy will level up, increasing her max health, increasing her strength, and earning skill points that can be spent unlocking additional abilities. Of course, whenever you can level up a character, one of the first questions on every mind is what the max level cap is in the game.

What the Max Level Cap is in Horizon Zero Dawn

The max level cap in Horizon Zero Dawn is level 60. By this point, you’ll have already earned enough skill points to unlock all of the available Skills. Upon reaching level 50, you’ll also earn a bronze trophy and you’ll earn a Silver trophy for reaching level 60 if you have access to the Frozen Wilds expansion. Level 50 was the original max level cap, but with the release of the Frozen Wilds DLC, the level cap was increased by 10 levels, explaining the difference between the original Bronze trophy and the new level cap in the game.

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