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Horizon Zero Dawn: What Choices You Should Make


Horizon Zero Dawn: What Choices You Should Make

Choices – Horizon Zero Dawn

During the story of Horizon Zero Dawn, players will get the ability to make choices as Aloy. These choices often appear during conversations with NPCs and offer an assortment of different ways that Aloy’s response or action can take.

The three different symbols are a heart, a brain, and a fist. The heart means that, as you may have guessed, Aloy will be a little more compassionate and caring in her response. The brain simply means that Aloy may say something very tactical or intelligent, and the fist is all-out aggression.

Ultimately, these choices in Horizon Zero Dawn won’t make a huge difference to the way the game plays out. If you choose a fist response in one conversation, it’s not going to drastically change the game, though if you see that character later on or have to interact with them, they may make a passive comment on what you did or said.

All in all, these choices are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of Horizon Zero Dawn. For the most part, though, we opted for the heart or brain responses, as we felt these best fit with Aloy’s personality.

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