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For Honor: How to Feint


For Honor: How to Feint

How to Feint – For Honor

There are a number of abilities and tools you’ll want to learn how to use in For Honor, in order to hold your own on the battlefield. One of the more difficult actions you can use to trick your enemies is the feint. This is basically a fake attack you can use to throw your enemy off guard, and slip in an attack they aren’t expecting.

To use a feint in For Honor you’ll first want to use a heavy attack on your enemy, mapped to the R2 button or RT on Xbox. Right after you hit the trigger, hit the O button or B on Xbox. This will allow you to cancel out your heavy attack, and give you an opportunity to launch a new one against your enemy while they’re still waiting to guard.

Feinting can be a good way to disorient the enemy, tricking them into guarding the opposite way of what you end up attacking. Of course, you’ll still want to be careful, as using a feint will leave you open to attack as well.

You can practice feinting in the story mode before jumping into multiplayer if you want, and make sure to use it in tandem with your other abilities like parrying and dodging to gain the advantage.

Now that you know how to feint, for more help, tips, and walkthroughs on For Honor make sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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