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For Honor: How to Parry


For Honor: How to Parry

How to Parry – For Honor

If you’ve been playing For Honor, you’ll likely already be aware of just how chaotic it can get out there on the battlefield. With AI soldiers running around in swarms, and player-controller heroes dealing out heavy damage, it can be difficult to stay alive for a significant amount of time. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, you’ll want to try and be a little more defensive and make use of parrying.

Parrying isn’t just blocking, though the buttons you have to press are quite similar. While blocking simply requires you to copy your opponent’s stance, you’ll also need to press the heavy attack button (R2/ RT) right before the enemy attack is about to hit you. If you are successful, you’ll not only be immune to enemy attacks for a second, but you’ll also drain your opponent’s stamina bar. It also staggers your opponent for a short period of time, meaning you can get on the offensive and deal out some serious damage.

As such, For Honor is a game of patience. Simply running in and mashing buttons is unlikely to see you coming out on top against player-controlled warriors. Wait for your opponent to launch an attack on you, and use the parry system to give you the perfect in to counter while they’re defenseless.

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