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Towerfall Creator Announces Celeste For Nintendo Switch


Towerfall Creator Announces Celeste For Nintendo Switch

Celeste is Switch-bound.

A recent tweet from Matt Thorson – the creator of the acclaimed indie game TowerFall – revealed that his latest title Celeste will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017.

Thorson’s previous game, TowerFall, was lauded for its frantic Smash Bros-esque arena combat and gorgeous pixelated design. Celeste continues that wonderful 8-bit aesthetic and shifts the action more in line with a traditional platforming game.

Celeste is a challenging platforming title where players guide the character up a mountain. On top of basic controls, players will be able to dash across platforms, but the player can only perform a dash once before touching the ground again.

Celeste actually looks somewhat akin to an old 8-bit NES game, with a sweet chiptune score that is equally as reminiscent of Nintendo’s 80s classics. 2D side scrolling games and Nintendo go hand-in-hand, so Celeste might well be a good fit for its upcoming console.


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