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Resident Evil 7 Toy Axe: How to Use it, What it’s For


Resident Evil 7 Toy Axe: How to Use it, What it’s For

Not just a simple toy.

Toy Axe – Resident Evil 7

After defeating Marguerite in the Resident Evil 7 greenhouse and finding out that Lucas has captured Zoe and Mia, you’ll be sent back to the main house to pick up the Snake Key. This will give you access to the attic in a new part of the house, where you can pick up a Toy Axe. However, as the description states, the Toy Axe can’t be used as a lethal weapon, and it’s simply a child’s plaything.

The Toy Axe isn’t really needed to progress through the main story, but you can use it to obtain a Stabilizer, which will help to improve Ethan’s reload speed. First off, head back outside and go to the yard. From the RV save room, head in the direction of the main house, but look out for the bushes on your right hand side. Through the bushes, you’ll find yet another light and shadow puzzle that requires you to solve a five digit code. Use the Toy Axe to form the shadow of the number ‘7’ to solve the puzzle, and you’ll be rewarded with a free Stabilizer upgrade.

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