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Resident Evil 7: How to Get a Fuse (Wrecked Boat)


Resident Evil 7: How to Get a Fuse (Wrecked Boat)

How to Get the Wrecked Boat Fuse – Resident Evil 7 – Spoiler Warning!

If you are looking to finish off the horrific nightmare that is Resident Evil 7 then you will need to obtain the boat elevator fuse once you reawaken after finally killing the mutated form of Jack Baker. Once you arrive on the wrecked ship, players will find themselves unarmed with an angry Molded to contest with that’s stalking the southern area the boat. In order to progress, you’ll be looking for the Wrecked Boat Fuse. Make your way through the wrecked ship until a cutscene is trigger that showcases someone escaping into the area marked F1.

You will need the Wrecked Boat Fuse for this so head south and get ready to encounter a crawling Molded. From the staircase, head left and check the nearby room for supplies before heading out. After you exit the supply room you will see a fuse box on the wall, turn left and continue down the hall. At the end of this will be a crawling Molded and a safe room on your right. Duck into the safe room and take a quick breather before saving your Resident Evil 7 game. Once you’re ready head back out the doors and run straight.

Keep going until you are forced to turn right and head down the hallway once more. Pass the staircase and turn right, if you are following the correct path you should see a single door jutting out as the hallway will zig-zag slightly now. Enter this room quickly and grab the Wrecked Boat Fuse on the far wall. Make sure to not just hang around as there’s a Molded stalking this area. Now head back down the hallway until you see the fuse box, place the Wrecked Boat Fuse in and the door to your right will open. Congratulations and take a deep breath you are not out of the woods yet, as Resident Evil 7 is far from finished with you.

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