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Resident Evil 7: How to Beat the Eveline Boss Fight


Resident Evil 7: How to Beat the Eveline Boss Fight

No rocket launcher, unfortunately.

Resident Evil 7 – Fighting Eveline

For a video game final boss, Eveline isn’t too tough to deal with, though you’ll definitely need your wits about you during the first phase of the fight. The first part of the fight starts off in the attic of the guest house, which is where you had your first confrontation with Mia at the beginning of the game. The key here is to keep your distance from Eveline, and make sure her attacks can’t reach you. You’ll want to run across the room and create as much space between the both of you as possible, and start pelting her with bullets. If she catches you, she can kill you pretty quickly, so avoidance is key.

Once you’ve done enough damage, you’ll trigger the second phase which takes place outside. During this time, you’ll be injured and immobilized, so just focus on shooting her down as she approaches. Before long, you’ll be given the anti-BOW handgun, which lets you deal extra damage. Eveline will occasionally try to guard against your attacks with her tentacles, so just wait for her to let her guard down before continuing your assault. She’ll go down fairly quickly, and the boss fight will end.

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