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Resident Evil 7: How to Solve the Clock Puzzle


Resident Evil 7: How to Solve the Clock Puzzle

Clock puzzles? How quaint.

Resident Evil 7 – Solving the Clock Puzzle

After obtaining the Snake Key, you’ll be able to access a few new rooms in the main house itself, the Master Bedroom and the Storage Room. In order to progress, you’ll have to solve a curious clock puzzle found in the Master Bedroom. The only hint you’ll get is a memo that states: “Same time as all other clock.” This essentially means that you need to set the time on the clock in the Master Bedroom to the same one that’s found on the other clocks around the house.

To save you the trouble of wandering around the spooky house in search of a clock, here’s the time you’re looking for: 10:15. Make sure the short hour hand is pointed at the number 10, and the longer minute hand is pointed at the number 3. This will help you solve the clock puzzle and open up a new passageway for you to explore. Before you go, don’t forget to loot the Master Bedroom as well as the Storage Room for some useful items to help you on your journey, as well as an inventory space upgrade.

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