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Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Survival Pre-Order Bonus Items


Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Survival Pre-Order Bonus Items

Use it to survive.

Pre-Order Survival Pack: Resident Evil 7

If you pre-ordered Resident Evil 7, you’ll receive a few bonus items, along with the option to play on Madhouse difficulty immediately without having to beat the game. Along with that, you’ll also obtain a pre-order exclusive Survival Pack, which should help make the game’s early hours feel a little more manageable. To play on this grueling difficulty, simply select the option as you start a new game file.

For the Survival Pack itself, you’ll have to clear the game’s prologue and finish up your first confrontation with Mia. After waking up in the Baker residence, you’ll then need to dodge Jack Baker and make your way to the save room found in the Laundry Room. Here, you’ll find your very first item box, which is where you’ll get your pre-order bonuses. The Survival Pack comes with a Supply Box and a Defense Coin. By keeping the Defense Coin in your inventory, Ethan’s defense will increase slightly, making him a bit more resilient to enemy attacks. The Supply Box comes with a First Aid Med, a Strong First Aid Med, along with two Herbs.

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