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Overwatch Webcomic Is Banned in Russia for Gay Character Portrayal


Overwatch Webcomic Is Banned in Russia for Gay Character Portrayal

Without a trace.

The holiday-themed Overwatch webcomic is predictably unavailable in Russia because of its portrayal of a lesbian relationship.

The comic shows popular character Tracer and her partner Emily sharing a kiss at one point, and this has led to a front-page message on the comic that says, “”In accordance with Russian law we cannot share this comic with our players on territory of Russian Federation.” (The translation of the message was done by Twitter user YellowAfterlife.)


This is down to Russia’s “gay propaganda” law, a law which empowers the Russian government to ban anything it deems as “gay propaganda”. The same law has also lead to Russian MPs calling for a ban on FIFA 17 for its support of Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces Campaign.

Blizzard preemptively had decided not to release the comic in Russia, and has responded in a statement to Eurogamer saying, “Blizzard decided not to publish in Russia to comply with Russian legislation. We preemptively decided not to publish given the climate in Russia and Legal feedback.”

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