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Final Fantasy XV: Where and How to Get a Cactuar Needle


Final Fantasy XV: Where and How to Get a Cactuar Needle

Cactuar Needle – Final Fantasy XV

Cactuar Needles are a special item that you’ll need for Cid’s quest, A Better Crossbow, in order to upgrade the auto crossbow. They’re actually fairly tricky to get ahold of, as you can find them with a very low random chance as a collectible or by beating a Cactuar. There is one location, however, that has a guarenteed Cactuar Needle on the ground.

Start at Lestallum and head to the outpost just north called Meldacio Hunter Headquarters. Then, talk to the tipster there to have him add procurement points on your map. The treasure icon near a place called Ristorath Basin will be a Cactuar Needle.

Find the bridge that passes over Ristorath Basin, then head over to the rock that sits on the left side of the highway. You’ll see the treasure on top of that rock.

Besides finding the Cactuar Needle at that exact location, you can also battle and kill a Cactuar to get the item. They are one of the rarest enemies in the game, though, and grant a ton of experience. After completing the Trial of Titan, you’ll be granted an item called the Beast Whistle, that can instantly summon enemies to your area.

Cactuars have a small chance of appearing in the more desert like areas of the Leide region, try just south of Hammerhead. You can also head to the Causcherry Plains in the Duscae region. Just head directly south of the Cauthess Rest Area, to the wide open spot. Use the Beast Whistle in either of these areas to try and get a Cactuar to appear, and earlier in the morning around eight or nine may yield more of a chance.

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