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Which Destiny Class Is Best For You? Take This Quiz to Find Out


Which Destiny Class Is Best For You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Becoming legend.

Do You Prefer Up Close Combat?

Mercury Destiny

There are a lot of ways to fight The Darkness in Destiny, but one of the most common is actually melee-based. Every single class in Destiny has a base melee ability that allows them to activate a unique skill when used. These can range from siphoning life from your enemies, causing the player to go invisible after a successful hit, or gaining a powerful Overshield to help them sustain more damage.

While many engagements will take place at a distance, there are a plethora of foes that prefer to rush their targets over hiding behind cover. Enemies such as the Fallen Captains rely on their dual swords to cleave through Guardians at a rapid rate, while the Hive’s Thralls prefer to swarm you in masses. Even certain bosses in Destiny will favor getting in your face over shooting at players from a distance, which can mean life or death depending on your class.

This isn’t to say that you should pick a class required to fight up close, because others have fantastic tools to pin even the liveliest of foes down. There are more than enough ways for certain classes to keep the fight at a comfortable distance. However, others just prefer to jump head first into the chaos and punch their way out.

In order to figure out which class is best for you, we here at Twinfinite have worked tirelessly with the Vanguard to produce this quiz. Instead of using the arrows towards the top of this page, simply click on the bold phrase below that you agree with more. Eventually, this will lead you to not only which class you should play, but which of the three sub-classes fits your playstyle best.

Up Close


Keep My Distance

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