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Destiny The Dawning: In the Presents of Friends Quest Guide


Destiny The Dawning: In the Presents of Friends Quest Guide

In the Presents of Friends – Destiny: The Dawning

One of the first quests you’ll obtain in Destiny The Dawning is from Eva (the nice lady who sells Emblems and Shaders), and it’s a fairly simple one that doesn’t even require you leave the Tower. Head right on over to her after updating your game and she’ll give you a quest titled “In the Presents of Friends,” which requires you to open some gifts and then share the cheer with your fellow Guardians.

Head on up to the doors that used to lead to the Iron Banner. Here you’ll find a ton of presents just waiting to be opened. You can’t open the big ones just yet, but the small ones will include presents for the three Vanguard representatives: Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Cayde-6. The three items are:

  • Books for Ikora
  • Scarf for Zavala
  • Dice for Cayde-6

Once you deliver these, head back to Eva and she’ll give you two consumables. One is the Snow Dreg which makes you look like a horrifying snow man, and the other is the Felwinter Souvenir, which is a sort of head Engram snowglobe. Both of these consumables are also obtainable through the Treasures of the Dawning loot boxes.

That’s all there is to the In the Presents of Friends quest, once you’ve turned it in you’re free to move on.

Happy holidays and safe travels, Guardian.

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