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Planet Coaster: How to Delete Objects, Roads, Buildings, and More


Planet Coaster: How to Delete Objects, Roads, Buildings, and More

Planet Coaster offers a wide array of ways to build your successful theme park from the ground up. You can place whatever you want from the coaster tracks, to the shops, to the buildings, and more. There’s plenty to put down, but you might be wondering how to delete some of your mistakes.

Well, luckily, the easiest solution is CTRL and Z to undo what you just did. Let’s say you placed it awhile ago, though, and now want it gone. There are different ways of deleting each kind of thing, so let’s go over them all.

  • Road – If it’s a road, simply select the paths section (bottom right) and then right click atop the road you want gone.
  • Coaster Track – Edit the roller coaster’s track and click on the specific piece you want gone. Once it’s highlighted, hit your DELETE key on your keyboard.
  • Scenery Object – Double click on it (for example, a bench) then click on the yellow demolition icon in the window that pops up for it.
  • Worker – Select them and then hit the yellow demolition icon that will pop up, this time denoting “Fire.”

That’s really all there is to deleting in Planet Coaster. For more help with the game, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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